Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Shaved Foie Gras

festina peche granita, honeysuckle honey yogurt, bull brier, ts smith peaches festina peche


brown butter hummus, pickled and fried chickpeas

A Bushel of Flavor

Start with a bushel of crabs. Explore the possibilities and processes for flavor extraction and delivery.

Sliced Watermelon

We dressed slices of our dried watermelon with smoked coriander, Maldon salt, dried calabrese peppers and olive oil. We added chive blossoms and young lamb's quarters leaves. We finished the dish with a spoonful of cold concentrated Minus 8 vinegar. We reduced the vinegar in the rotary evaporator. It gently removed the sharp acetic notes and emphasized the rich, complex flavor without cooking the vinegar. The dish was cool and complex, the chewiness of the melon allowing different flavors to shine through in each bite.

Meat the Vegetables

We used thick cut mortadella to top a thick cut ratatouille casserole. A topping of any flavorful meat enhances the roasting process. The browning bits and dripping fat enrich the experience.

Spit Roasted Squash

We hung a metal cord off of the flue damper on our oven. Then we attached the rotisserie spit from our toaster oven. We skewered a large zucchini, scored it, and hung it in the mouth of the oven. We twisted the cord to rotate the squash. While it cooked we basted the zucchini with butter seasoned with herb salt. The melted butter was in a bowl beneath the squash. As it cooked the juices flowed into the container. We continued to baste the squash with the combination of butter and vegetable jus. After an hour the squash was perfectly tender, it's flavorful essence contained in the bowl just beneath it. We sliced the squash and served it with the sauce on the side.

Chicken Under a Glass

A kitchen is a laboratory.